Artist Inside Out


Butterfly Dreaming
Welcome to Artist Inside Out, a gallery of digital and traditional art created from the emotional expression of an artist on a journey of self discovery.  Creating a website is a new adventure for me and this is just a beginning, as are many beginnings in my life.

My philosophy about my art focuses on the artist and viewer being in a collaboration.  What you see is what I see within me as if through a mirror.  When an image is finished, I pass the mirror to you through my art.  The viewer may look and see me in the image, or may peer into the mirror of my art and see something of their self.  What each of us sees may be very different.  It is not important that the viewer understand what I was painting, only what they understand about themselves as a result of viewing my images. 

We journey together, yet on separate paths.  Our paths may separate, but I hope they will come together again at another time.   May what you discover lead you to greater freedom and peace.

Artist Inside Out
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